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Geger Anatoly Mikhailovich: Ukrainian artist , who was born in 05.12.1937 in Dneprodzerginsk, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine.

Anatoly Mikhailovich is artist-emirate of Ukraine. In 1961 Geger graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Art College.

He participated in Regional Art Exhibitions since 1961, All-Ukrainian exhibitions since 1967, All-Union Exhibitions since 1969. Anatoly Mikhailovich is member of Union of Artists of Soviet Union since 1978. Author had a personal exhibition in Dnepropetrovsk Fine Arts Museum in 2007.

His works are placed in several museums: Dnepropetrovsk Fine Arts Museum, Dnepropetrovsk Historical Museum; and lots of private collections in: Ukraine, Russia, USA, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Finland.

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Impressionism Realism Landscape
Impressionism Realism Landscape, 20th Century Oil on Cardboard (15.5 x 12 inches) (30.5 x 39.4 cm)
Landscaping in Crimea
Landscaping in Crimea, 20th Century Oil on Cardboard (20 x 12 inches) (30.5 x 50.8 cm)
Geger Anatoly Mikhailovich
Geger Anatoly Mikhailovich

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