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Las Villas, Cuba born in 1862, La Habana died 1951. Studied artistic refinement studies in Italy and after a stay in New York is set to 1900 permanently in Cuba. Already in Havana he joined the faculty of the San Alejandro Academy, where his teaching began with the transformation of arts education by creating the conditions necessary for years to develop the forefront in Cuba. Artist with a solid understanding of the technical concepts and new pictorial works restlessly in a continuous quest, moving between various viewpoints, including impressionism. His position on the painting by the end of the XIX century in Cuba makes it, at the beginning of the XX century, is an innovative revs and acts against the established plastics criteria. It concluded the colonial stage and starts a new career in Republican painting. The work of Leopoldo Romañach is very extensive and there is a constant evolution in it. In general it is possible to resume it in three key periods: the Italian stage, the period from 1907 and the last in mid-decade from 20, and in full artistic maturity. "La echadora de cartas", which took place in Spain, is part of the second phase where affirms its evolution towards bright palette.

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Meditation, 1917 Oil on Canvas (52 1/2 x 40 1/2 inches) (133.4 x 102.9 cm)
Leopoldo Romañach y Guillen
Leopoldo Romañach y Guillen

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