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WHAT’S NEW at Hermes Fine Art:

    1. Recent Additions: Our continued acquisitions now brings to our customer for their consideration the following well known American artists:
      • George Faulkner Wetherbe (1851 – 1920)
      • Richard C Pionk (1936 – 2007)
      • Mary Mintz Koffler ( 1935 – 1983)

      We now feature and exhibit some of their limited work in our studio. We will gladly share with you our current in house exquisite acquisitions for your viewing enjoyment and investment consideration. Please contact us to make an appointment.

    2. Reference Book to soon be released: We refer to the master painter Mario Carreño and are very pleased to announce Hermes Fine Art will make available to our customers the soon to be released reference book: "Selected Works of Mario Carreño" These limited edition books will be available in our studio.

  1. News: Our experts are now making final plans to conclude a large acquisition of monumental importance to our customers. We shall soon offer you through a private email, complete details.

Thank you for your patience thru this process.


Geger Anatoly Mikhailovich
Landscaping in Crimea, 20th Century
Oil on Cardboard (12 X 20")
Mishchenko Porfiri Matweevich
Cosako, 1950's
Oil on Canvas (30 1/2x23 in)
Hermes Fine Art has over 27 years of experience in restoration. We offer services to independent art owners and galleries.
Hermes Fine Art Miami | Art Restoration | Art Authenication

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